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Konix PA88 88-Keys Roll-Up Piano: Your Portable Music Companion

In the world of musical instruments, Konix has established itself as a reputable brand known for innovation and quality. The Konix Model PA88 88-Keys Roll-Up Piano is a remarkable addition to their product lineup, offering musicians a portable and versatile instrument that combines convenience with professional-grade features. Compact and Portable: The Konix PA88 Roll-Up Piano […]


Konix PD88 88Keys Roll up Piano

The PD88 model is an impressive 88Keys Roll up Piano that boasts a micro USB port, MIDI support, and compatibility with computer software. This versatile instrument combines portability with advanced technology, making it an excellent choice for musicians on the go. Its micro USB port allows for easy connectivity to computers, enabling seamless integration with […]


Konix PA88 88Keys Roll up Piano

The PA88 is a roll-up piano with 88 keys, offering great convenience for music enthusiasts. Whether you’re at home, on the go, or anywhere else, the PA88 easily caters to your musical needs. Its portability and flexibility make it an ideal choice for learning, practicing, and playing music. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced […]

Konix PJ88C 88-Key Portable Electronic Piano

In the world of music, versatility and portability have always been highly sought-after qualities. The Konix PJ88C, a remarkable 88-key portable electronic piano, stands as a testament to the fusion of innovation and convenience in the realm of music instruments. 88 Keys for Limitless Possibilities One of the standout features of the Konix PJ88C is […]

Konix PJ61CX: Your Ultimate Musical Companion

In the world of musical instruments, the Konix brand has established itself as a symbol of innovation and excellence. One of their standout products, the Konix PJ61CX, is a testament to their commitment to creating musical instruments that cater to musicians of all ages and skill levels. With 128 sounds, 128 rhythms, 20 demo songs, […]

Konix PE49C 49-Key Kid’s Piano

Exploring the World of Music In the journey of a child’s growth, music plays a vital role. It not only cultivates their aesthetic sensibilities but also contributes to the development of intelligence and creativity. To cater to this need, the Konix brand introduces their latest product – the PE49C 49-Key Kid’s Piano. This piano, with […]

Konix PH88Y 88-Key Electronic Keyboard

Unleash Your Musical Potential In the realm of musical innovation, Konix emerges as a prominent brand, paving the way for unparalleled musical experiences. Introducing the Konix PH88Y, an 88-Key Electronic Keyboard that transcends conventions, designed to elevate your musical journey to new heights.   A Symphony at Your Fingertips: The heart of the PH88Y lies […]