Konix PH88Y 88-Key Electronic Keyboard

Unleash Your Musical Potential

In the realm of musical innovation, Konix emerges as a prominent brand, paving the way for unparalleled musical experiences. Introducing the Konix PH88Y, an 88-Key Electronic Keyboard that transcends conventions, designed to elevate your musical journey to new heights.


A Symphony at Your Fingertips:

The heart of the PH88Y lies in its 88 keys, encompassing both white and black keys to provide an authentic and comprehensive piano-playing experience. Crafted to emulate the resonance and touch of a traditional piano, this keyboard welcomes both aspiring musicians and seasoned pianists to explore a realm of musical creativity.


A World of Soundscapes:

With an impressive selection of 129 tones, the PH88Y offers a symphony of musical choices. From the majestic notes of grand pianos to the electrifying strums of guitars, from the lush strings of an orchestra to the futuristic sounds of synthesizers, this keyboard’s diversity ensures that you have the perfect voice for every musical composition.


Rhythmic Diversity:

Embark on rhythmic adventures with 131 built-in rhythms spanning genres from around the world. Whether you’re embracing the soulful rhythms of jazz, the pulsating beats of rock, the infectious energy of Latin music, or the electronic landscapes of modern pop, the PH88Y empowers you to create dynamic and engaging musical pieces.

Seamless Connectivity and Control:

The PH88Y boasts a “hot plug, no need driver” feature, allowing you to dive into your musical pursuits without unnecessary technical barriers. Its user-friendly features include a digital display, master volume control key, and tempo control key, ensuring effortless adjustment of your performance dynamics.


Expressive Capabilities:

Step into a world of musical expression with the dynamics function, transposition options, and synchronization capabilities, enabling you to shape your music according to your artistic vision. The recording feature lets you capture your compositions and performances, while the full-fingered and reset functions grant you precise creative control. The dual voice and dual keyboard functions introduce layers of depth and complexity, while the Bluetooth MIDI function bridges traditional and modern music-making techniques.

Recording and Editing Made Effortless:

The PH88Y allows you to record your musical endeavors and, through compatible software, refine and perfect your compositions. This ensures that the melodies and harmonies you create are never lost but rather preserved and enhanced.

Enhancing Performance Versatility:

Navigate a variety of performance styles with the band piano, overlay function, solo function, and memory storage function. These features enrich your musical interpretations, making each performance a unique and captivating experience.


In conclusion, the Konix PH88Y 88-Key Electronic Keyboard, a masterpiece of technological innovation and musical craftsmanship, is poised to revolutionize your musical journey. With its wide range of features, seamless connectivity, and expressive possibilities, this keyboard promises to be your ultimate tool for musical exploration, creation, and performance.

88-Key Electronic Keyboard – Konix PH88Y